The UEFA Champions League; who takes the 2013/2014 MVP?

July 28th, 2013  / Author:

The champions League is the best thing that ever happened in the world of football in a long time! The intensity of the games, the demands of the various leagues and the dwindling talent in football of late will take their toll, but at the end of the day, someone is going to be crowned champions. That’s the bottom line so whether it is Arsenal who have always been in the competition but never come close to touching the trophy or the new-born French ‘giants’ in Monaco and PSG, it’s all a fresh start for everyone. So after the cup is gone, who gets the MVP award?

Not a tough one to tell according to agen sbobet online sportsbook, first thing is to eliminate all the players fro the teams like Man-City who will be ending their Champions League careers at the competitions group stages. Secondly, the player is only likely to come from one of the three main leagues in; the English Premier League, or any of its Spanish and German equivalents. Narrow down to the top teams in the said leagues and you have Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Again only players who are in those teams at the end of the 2012/2013 season are will count; the new comers tend to take a bit of time to catch up and even the stars are never different. It’s the Champions League!

Video showing Ronaldo vs Messi!
Who takes it? Well considering all that has been said, there are only two contenders in this; Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. They have been the only ones in the battle for a long time anyway, and this time, the competition can only get stiffer. All depends on whom the relevant team mates of the two players will be when the league kicks off though. Football is about team work and as a player; you only play your part. Messi takes it, and life continues. Gamble soccer with

Plymouth Argyle Lifted By The Banton Effect

February 12th, 2013  / Author:

Talk about a confidence boost. Crystal Palace winger Jason Banton is only on loan to Plymouth Argyle from late January until March 2, 2013, but already he is making his presence felt. Barely a month into his loan period, and he has managed to secure Plymouth’s victory at Aldershot, scoring the two goals that secured the win and moved the Pilgrims up two notches in the League Two rankings. This has effectively put them further away from the relegation zone.
In an interview with BBC Radio Devon, Plymouth Argyle manager John Sheridan is highly upbeat at how all their hard work as a team had been paying off. He remarked on the excellent teamwork as his players put their skills together for winning plays. He is hopeful that this would only boost Banton’s confidence even more, as the 20-year-old definitely has more to offer.

Sheridan also thanked the club’s loyal and staunch supporters – all 900-strong of them – who went all the way to Hampshire to cheer Argyle. “They’re a great credit to the club,” he said, voicing his appreciation.
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This is only Banton’s second outing with Argyle since the loan came through, and the two goals he scored against Aldershot were his first goals in English football.